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Hall County to buy surplus office building on Jesse Jewell Parkway at low price
03222022 PROPERTY 1.jpg
Hall County is planning on purchasing the land where the old state Department of Agriculture office is located on Jesse Jewell Parkway. - photo by Scott Rogers

Update, June 22: The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the $600,000 purchase Wednesday, June 22 using capital project funds.

Hall County could buy more office space for departments in need, and cheaply. 

The Georgia Department of Agriculture recently notified the county that its former office building at 1195 Jesse Jewell Parkway was surplus, said Katie Crumley, a county spokesperson. 

The county is expected to send a notice of intent to purchase the property at its voting meeting Thursday, March 24, beginning a process to buy the nearly 1-acre lot, including the building containing about 5,000 square feet of office space. 

The county has conducted a space survey over the last two years to determine how much room and employees different departments need, Crumley said, and they will likely need extra space. 

Assistant County Administrator Marty Nix said they have not yet determined which departments might fill the building on Jesse Jewell.

“The next phase is sort of figuring out how we can move all these puzzle pieces around to make space better utilized,” Crumley said. 

The purchasing process for state surplus property allows local governments to buy the property for the property’s appraised value, likely to be a discount compared to what it might go for on the open market, Crumley said. The process would take several months, and the letter of intent, sent to the State Properties Commission, does not bind the county to purchase the land. 

“We know that there’s a deficit (in space),” Crumley said. “So this was an easy way to go ahead and acquire some more property at a really affordable price and put that in our bank.”