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Opinion: This is how we choose life
Don't Choose Extinction cinema ad

On Father’s Day, my son-in-law and grandson took me to see “Top Gun Maverick.” We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and popcorn. It was a delight.

However, one of the videos prior to the movie was political in nature. The theme was a dinosaur lecturing the United Nations on a global “green” agenda. He kept repeating “choose life” and not “extinction.”

Where does the entertainment industry, NFL football and Hollywood get its moral authority to attempt to sway public opinion on political issues? Who is funding such coercive advertisements?

I will make this deal with those political ideologues. I will buy an electric vehicle when you pass a law banning abortion. A law that will punish anyone who participates in, provides or funds the killing of unborn children. After all isn’t that “choosing life?”

Tom Day