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Opinion: Saying anything to get elected

With the election in hindsight, some examples of “saying anything to win” should be evaluated and reconsidered.

For instance, Dick Biggs’ letter of 9/30/22, in which he said “Under Biden, political correctness, cancel culture, wokeness, equity (equal outcomes), gender indoctrination, critical race theory and socialism have infiltrated our school boards, universities, businesses and military branches.” That’s a collection of imaginary issues republicans have invented to campaign against, just like their claim the last presidential election was stolen.

Biggs asked if we’re better off under Biden. I’d say we were better off when women had the right to control their own bodies. We were better off when all citizens could vote, when campaign finance reform was possible, and when the Voting Rights Act protected minority access to the polls. When the internet was a tool for deeper understanding instead of disinformation and propaganda, and when unelected conservative think-tanks didn’t control foreign policy by capturing the news media and manipulating our elections with infinite amounts of corporate money.

That manipulation produced $52 billion in aid and weapons for occupied Ukraine. The conservative newsletter Imprimis cautions money and weapons we’re sending Ukraine today are drawing all of us into WW3. Meanwhile, we deny any help for the occupied Palestinians and we offer their oppressor unilateral protection. We’re hypocrites.

Biggs proudly spoke of the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. That ruling guaranteed women control over their own bodies, reasonable privacy, and a federal right to make their own reproductive choices. Republicans apparently believe women have no such right, and choosing to end a pregnancy should be a crime even if they were raped.

Jim Threlkeld said progressives want to weaken the Christian Church and destroy the nuclear family (9/14/22). and Mike McConnell said “Today’s Democrats tell little boys they can become girls if they take some pills and let them operate on them.” (8/10/22). Shameless smears deserve to be called out.

Gov. Brian Kemp said overturning Roe is just the beginning. This suggests a new America where religious fundamentalism limits our freedoms and erases our rights. Is that what our founders intended?

Bruce Vandiver