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Opinion: Top Gun story a delight
06172022 TOPGUN 1.jpeg
Lt. Martin Sewell, a Gainesville native, graduated in April from TOPGUN, where the most elite U.S. Navy fliers learn fighter and strike tactics. - photo submitted by Lt. Martin Sewell

I was absolutely delighted to read The Times’ feature story about Lt. Martin Sewell, a Gainesville native who graduated from the U.S. Navy’s Fighter Weapons School.

When the first “Top Gun” movie debuted, I was manager of press relations for Grumman Corp. That’s where the F-14 Tomcat, featured in the movie, was created.  Following the movie’s debut, I worked with Grumman’s chief test pilot, Charles “Chuck” Sewell on hundreds of interviews.  Perhaps Chuck is a distant relative of Lt. Sewell.

Indeed, Lt. Sewell is one of an elite group of Navy pilots.  I have fond memories of walking the halls of the original Fighter Weapons School at Naval Air Station Miramar.  Moreover, I will never forget the thrill of landing and taking off from a carrier deck.

Michael L Drake