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Opinion: Trump versus Biden: Results matter
08052020 TrumpBiden
Joe Biden, left, and Donald Trump, right.

When Democrat President Jimmy Carter debated Ronald Reagan in 1980, the Republican presidential nominee asked: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” It catapulted Reagan into an exceptional eight-year presidency.

In 2022, this writer asks: Are you better off today under President Biden than you were with President Trump? Resist the urge to dwell on Trump’s prickly personality, strident statements and unconventional leadership style. Instead, focus on Trump’s remarkable results versus a blundering Biden:

  • With Trump, lower taxes and fewer regulations created a booming economy until the unforeseen pandemic struck. Under Biden, a reckless spending spree produced predictable high inflation. Coupled with the current recession, it wreaked financial havoc upon countless families.
  • With Trump, a wall was erected along the Rio Grande, Mexico enforced its Southern border and illegal immigration was minimized. Under Biden, 4.9 million illegal immigrants have sought refuge in America while thousands of legal citizens died from fentanyl smuggled across our Southern border.
  • With Trump, there was unwavering support for law enforcement. Under Biden, police departments were defunded. Crime is rampant in many Democrat-controlled cities. Career criminals are arrested and released the same day. Police officers have resigned or retired in record numbers due to public vilification and nonsensical judges and district attorneys.
  • With Trump, America became energy independent and gas prices were low. Under Biden, we’re energy dependent and gas prices soared to an all-time high because the Keystone XL Pipeline and other drilling sites were closed.
  • With Trump, ISIS was decimated and our enemies were less aggressive. Under Biden, Russia invaded Ukraine. The Afghanistan evacuation was botched and 13 brave American died needlessly. China is closer to occupying Taiwan.
  • With Trump, three conservative justices were appointed to the US Supreme Court, which was crucial in overturning Roe v. Wade. Under Biden, packing the court and eliminating the filibuster were considered. Demonstrators protested illegally at the homes of conservative justices and no arrests were made. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was an assassination target.
  • With Trump, COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time. Under Biden, draconian pandemic policies closed schools and instituted virtual “learning.” Many students are behind academically and socially.
  • With Trump, capitalism and freedom thrived. Under Biden, political correctness, cancel culture, wokeness, equity (equal outcomes), gender indoctrination, critical race theory and socialism have infiltrated our school boards, universities, businesses and military branches.
  • With Trump, regular press conferences were conducted with a biased, dishonest media that asked confrontational questions. Under Biden, regular press conferences are rare because Sleepy Joe’s handlers know their boss is a gaffe-prone, cognitively challenged calamity.
  • With Trump, Democrats made false accusations, conducted bogus investigations and directed impeachments that lacked 60 Senate votes. Under Biden, a politically motivated Justice Department and raid-fixated FBI were weaponized – most likely to keep Trump from becoming president again. It’s tyrannical.

Almost two years later, are you better off under President Biden than you were with President Trump? Make your voices known at the polls in November and let’s make Biden a lame duck president through 2024.

Dick Biggs