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Opinion: Eminent domain puts elderly in dangerous situation

It seems the news media is all over the fatal fall that Ivana Trump took on her staircase. It was so sad that at the age of 73 she fell down her staircase. 

I’m an elderly person and living in a home for 11 years that is very dangerous for me and my husband because we have to climb a staircase several times a day due to waiting for Hall County to decide when they will buy us out.  We are under eminent domain. 

We both have fallen several times but so far have been able to get up on our own.  I don’t think we are alone on this tough journey that we have been put through by the Hall County commissioners. I have written several letters to our commissioners and not one of them has reached out to listen to us about the dangers my husband and I feel living in a house that is not safe for an elderly person. 

In 2011, we were told by a commissioner that the acquisition of everyone’s land needed for the widening of Spout Springs Road would be bought at the same time. In 2015, we were told that same story again. In 2017, the commissioners decided to take the funds for another project in North Hall, leaving our half of Spout Springs Road in a long waiting game. 

It is now summer of 2022 and we are still in that waiting game.

I sent the commissioners and our state senator a letter asking if we could be bought out early due to a staircase to our upstairs and basement that my husband and I are not able to maneuver very well. We never heard a word from any of them. 

I also called the commissioner’s office and asked what I needed to do to prove our situation. When all of this began, my husband was 72; he is now 83. Need I say anymore about a staircase?

I find it appalling that our elected officials take the money and votes then you cannot talk to them on what I think is an important subject: eminent domain. 

I tried to talk to Sen. Butch Miller’s office about changing the laws so people under eminent domain don’t have to go through what we and our neighbors have gone through for 11 years. Total silence!

It is very sad when you are trying to bring awareness to the politicians to change a law so that people don’t have their civil liberties taken from them by eminent domain and awareness to the dangers of the elderly living in homes with a dangerous staircase.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Trump family!  It was a tragic death.

Veronica deKozan

Flowery Branch