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Opinion: Accusations against Deshaun Watson are out of character
Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, a Gainesville High graduate, passes during practice June 14, 2022 in Berea, Ohio. Photo by Ron Schwane Associated Press

I’ve never met Deshaun Watson but have done considerable research on him, including reading his book, “Pass It On.” 

The accusations made against him are grossly out of character with his past.

His accomplishments at Gainesville High School and Clemson are well known here in Hall County. He graduated in three years with a degree in communications, a National Championship and zero complaints about his behavior at Clemson.

Watson was drafted by the Texans in 2017 and played four seasons with them. During the ensuing four years, he surely had dozens of massages. No complaints. Then, in January 2021 he expressed his wishes to leave the Texans. Two months later, Houston attorney Tony Buzbee announces he’s representing massage therapists alleging sexual misconduct against Watson. Buzbee and Texans owner Cal McNair live on the same street, according to Harris County, Texas, tax records. Buzbee’s now wife and a McNair family member were photographed together at a social event, yet Buzbee denies knowing McNair. As baseball philosopher Yogi Berra said, “That’s too coincidental to be a coincidence.”

Is race a factor? Search “Cal McNair racially insensitive comments” and draw your own conclusions.

As for the number of massages booked by Watson, NFL quarterbacks are sacked and knocked down dozens of times. Massage helps ease the pain and prolongs their playing careers.

Accusations are easy to make and cause irreparable damage to good people. The Duke lacrosse team, McMartin Preschool and Tawana Brawley stories remind us of the consequences of false statements.

Watson is a handsome, bright young man and a millionaire NFL quarterback. Who thinks someone with his history, his fame — and so much to lose — would foolishly destroy his future in such a clumsy manner? C’mon, man! If he’s so inclined, there’s no shortage of companions eager to spend time with him.

Final thought. People kill for money. What makes you think they wouldn’t lie for it?

Barry Stinson