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Opinion: Community needs shared place for support

The important things we must consider in having a wonderful opportunity to build our city of Lula into the future for everyone, and especially for our youth, is the value of having a facility to inspire us physically and mentally. 

A place to enjoy our progress not only for now but also in the future. A facility built where anyone regardless of age and background could seek help with any problem they are confronted with mentally or physically. 

It is very important that all of us, regardless of the position, whether an official or citizen of Lula, work together for the betterment of everyone.

This facility can help and assist anyone regardless of their age or background. They can seek help with any problem about which they are confronted.

I recommend this because of the opportunity this facility would give others. I know the value of such a place because I was a foster parent for many years for adolescents and youth, and such a place offers hope and contributes to a better outlook for their future and the community at large.

Having an opportunity to serve as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the juvenile court system and having to provide homes for people with different types of mental illnesses, I saw firsthand what community support through facilities that offered information and assistance meant to these young people. This is the reason that I recommend this type of facility.

Whether you are a parent or a child, I think we could prevent the gun violence we are experiencing if we would be very concerned about each others’ physical and mental health as well as each other’s race and nationality and in the ability to constantly monitor comments and posts. Almost immediately reports could be made to police or counselors regarding violent threats and posts on social media. 

In fact, violent video game designers may need to rethink the product. I know perhaps it might mean monetary loss, but isn’t that much preferred to the loss of human life?

We must all be involved in finding the answer to violence and abuse in our society. The answers start with me and you.

Mordecai Wilson