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Opinion: Do your homework on climate change

I hear many people saying that climate change is a hoax, but they have never studied it for themselves. They believe that their media outlet has their best interests at heart. They are willing to believe politicians that are given millions by fossil fuel interests, but they are not willing to listen to scientists that are warning them of the threat to maintaining a sustainable planet. They have boundless love for their grandchildren, but they do not study basic climate science for themselves to see what is the truth about their future. They love God, but they don’t research non-biased sources to see if we are indeed destroying the habitat that God gave us.

If there were no greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, Earth’s average temperature could be as low as -18°C, or 0°F. Man has released incomprehensible amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels. How could we NOT be affecting the climate?

Please do your homework. Make sure that you are not being fooled. You have a moral obligation. is a great place to start. Then look to see where your candidate stands on climate change. It is the greatest issue that humankind has ever faced.

As a side note: Ga imports virtually all of our (non-green) energy; natural gas and oil. We have no active coal mines. Even the uranium that we use in our nuclear plants is imported. Green energy would be extremely beneficial to Georgia economically so why such allegiance to fossil fuels?

Ginger England

Young Harris